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The legend of Lucky Clover.

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The lengend of Lucky Clover


Start the Magic of four-leaf Clover:

One leaf for name,

One leaf for wealth,

One for a faithful lover,

One for glorious health,

All in this four-leaf clover.


Once upon a time, Eva left Eden with a four-leaf clover, whose four leaves and flower represented love, health, glory, riches and happiness, respectively. Generally, a clover has only three leaves, while the probability to find a four-leaf clover is only 1/10,000, implying the acquisition of happiness or favor of God. If someone found a five-leaf clover, he would get a great power to rule, but only when a great fortune comes to him can he obtain the extremely special clover.

Its also said that the name of Lucky Clover is derived from Napoleon. One day, when Napoleon was going through a piece of grassland with his army, he found a four-leaf clover and felt surprised about it. Just when he bent down to pick it, he happened to avoid the bullet shot to him, and then the four-leaf clover was called Lucky Clover. As time goes by, the four-leaf clover has been regarded as a symbol of fortune around the world. Its leaves represent love, health, glory and riches respectively, and it will bring fortune to you.

Would you like to give your friend a special present? Please convey your best wishes though Lucky Clover!



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