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The legend of Amber.

The legend of Lucky Clover.

Preservation & Maintenance of ornaments .

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Preservation & Maintenance

Preservation of ornaments with Amber and Lucky Clover

  1. The ornaments should be kept in sealed bags, where the air is discharged, and away from direct contact with air so as to avoid oxidation.

Maintenance of ornaments with Amber and Lucky Clover

  1. Never wear the ornaments while doing manual labor or repairing so as to avoid damages to them.
  2. Dont wear them while bathing and sleeping to avoid their intertwining with hair or clothes
  3. Never wear them while swimming, especially the seawater swimming.
  4. Avoid direct contact with sulfur and sliver items, since it can easily react with sulfur.
  5. Keep them away from air when they are left unused for a long time, thereby avoiding oxidation.
  6. The ornaments with different degrees of hardness should be kept separately, so that the loss caused by mutual friction can be avoided.??
  7. The ornaments in regular use should be examined monthly to find out the abrasions and looseness of mosaics, so that timely repair can be given to them.
  8. Simulated ornaments are particularly sensitive to temperature, so the ornaments with Lucky Clover shouldnt be kept at a too high or too low temperature.
  9. The ornaments in regular use should be washed weekly: wash them with warm water and nitrogenous cleaners, or dip them in 95% alcohol for about 20 minutes and then wash them with clean water and finally dry them.

Knacks to wear the ornaments

    • The best way to care ornaments to wear them as often as possible, as the sebum can give them a natural and mellow gloss.
    • You can improve the gloss of ornaments with smooth surface by wiping them for 2 minutes with a specialized wiper.
    • For the engraved ornaments with dirt thereinto, the best way to clean them is to brush them with toothpaste and toothbrush.

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