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The legend of Red Bean

Red Bean,the love pea,it represents love,forever love.

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red bean silver jewelry,925 silver jewelry

(1)One Red Bean means: wholeheartedly;

(2)Two Red Beans means: kind to each other and love each other devotedly;

(3)Three Red Beans means: I Love You;

(4)Four Red Beans means: solemn pledge of love;

(5)Five Red Beans means: Good fortune is Coming;

(6)Six Red Beans means: All is well with everything;

(7)Seven Red Beans means: Unrequited love;

(8)Eight Red Beans means: An apology,forgive me;

(9)Nine Red Beans means: possession forever;

(10)Ten Red Beans means: You are my unique;

(99)99 Red Beans means: Forever Love.

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