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The lengend of Amber


Amber, the freezing gold, that is not hot and is not cold.
Has caught within its dreaming arms, the insects and the flowers charms.
Time has kept as still as death, holding instant, every breath.
Now from out our fading past, a scene which can forever last.

Amber has a deep fascination for people both as a gem and as a chance to look back into the past with a remarkable clarity. Its warm lustrous touch beguiles us and the remarkable inclusions sometimes found within it capture our imagination.

Most of our understanding, beliefs and research on amber have been based upon the work of European and American cultures. The Chinese shared our fascination with amber and the earliest written references go back to AD 92. They believed that amber was the soul of a tiger which had died and passed into the earth and the Tibetans had perhaps the most beautiful name for this gem; po-she, which meant perfumed crystal.

Amber is a strange and attractive gem. Its golden transparency lends it a quality which even diamonds do not share. For the artisan it provides a remarkable medium to work with and create some of the most beautiful objects for us to enjoy. For the scientist it provides a glimpse into the past, a window into history.

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